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Fabuwood�s goods are top quality Chinese imports that considerably outshine locally made kitchens of the same price bracket. It�s hard to consider, when confronted with the elegance of Fabuwood cabinetry, which our wooden merchandise is dramatically less expensive than locally produced particle board kitchens.

More than just a purchase, friendships around really are a custom design experience. With several wrinkles and libraries to choose from, we have a kitchen for every single customer. From vintage to modern, classic to timeless, you�ll think it is at Fabuwood.
Fabuwood has five lines of units offered at affordable prices:

Classic- Our Basic assortment is everything you�ve previously wished-for in a home. Featuring innovative layout and cosmetic touches that are stylish, these are not only conceptual visions: these are fantasies brought to life.

Nexus- The Nexus series is certainly one of our most widely used case selections, offering many features our customers enjoy. Organic done inside and whole overlay opportunities are the major causes that folks decided Nexus.

Prima- presenting many accessible modifications, A European design modern kitchen, means a custom kitchen for every consumer. A smooth look, composed of the product quality you�ve arrive at expect, charges the Prima a premier consumer-choice.

Benefit- a classy and economical solution, the Worth variety delivers class with no price. Aimed toward the sophisticated yet economical, these kitchens are top of the line in resilience and layout. Popular our Importance variety, with landlords and technicians is a fashionable, yet reasonable choice.


Geneva- Made of clean white thermo-foil, the ease of our Geneva�s style is what makes it so esthetically pleasing. The Geneva, a timeless superior kitchen is a favorite of technicians and builders nationwide.

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